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Goodbye old friend....

Sorry for my lack of updating. I haven't really felt like updating much in the last 8 wks. However, please know that I am alive and I'm surviving life here in TN.

Nothing much has been happening. My asthma has nearly killed me this spring but other than that, life is okay. I'm still working at OTP and still miserable. I do work in the garden center right now though so that helps ease the pain of working there. lol I like being outside away from most of the customers and away from the service desk. I'm pretty much on my own and pretty much do nothing out there. I just run register and occassionally straighten and sweep. That's about it.

I am sad to announce that our beloved Jake Man went on to be in that kitty playhouse in the sky. He left this world April 26, 2009. Dad let Jake out that morning and we haven't seen him since. We know he went off to die because Jake never ran off. NEVER. Mom, Dad, Tina, and even the neighbors searched and searched for Jake but never found him.

Jake Man was part of the family for 13 years. We got him in March of 1996. He was the best cat a girl could ever ask for and will be greatly missed. He was part of our family and my best friend. He always made me feel better and would always cheer everyone else up. He was big and beautiful. His purr was the loudest I had ever heard and he snored. lol I feel so lost without my baby. I loved him so much. Rest in Peace dear Jake Man....Rest in Peace...

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I'm so sorry to hear about jake. i loved him too. even if he drooled :-) he was still awesome. i remember when i was sleeping in your bed the night before we went to the S&S theatre and he slept on my head. probably thought i was you. LOL God bless ya and jakeman.